Magnum Kings and Queen of dancehall continues to Deliver

As the competition progresses, contestants in the Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall are continuing to put on a decent show.

Saturday’s show at D’Entrance on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, saw contestants entertaining the audience from the beginning. First out the blocks was Tripple A who impressed with not just her lyrics and flow, but also her agility.

“For a person of your size, you handle the rhythm wicked. Yuh nuh short a breath,” Skatta said.

Innovata followed in an animated fashion but was somewhat off the rhythm in the beginning of the song. As he progressed, there were improvements and he managed to have an impact on the audience.

But it went from OK to poor when Paris took the stage, as she lacked variation and melody. Nuh Brakes, on the other hand, changed things up with a performance that moved the crowd to throw money on the stage at the end.

“The man lyrical, him a the most lyrical person on the show,” Skatta excitedly said.

Despite the soda cans in her hair as rollers, Kranberri had difficulty making a connection with the audience. But Devin Di Dakta again showed that he deserved to be on the show. He had a mishap with being misplaced during his costume change on stage, but this was forgotten by the time he started his song.

“I must commend you on being consistent. Lyrics are always nice, good melody and great presentation as usual,” Miss Kitty said.

Ffrench was also good and she had the audience singing along to her catchy song.

“Very Magnificent. Well done and you hold off a old school rhythm. You delivered the song exactly how it should be done,” Miss Kitty said.

Brams came next and he was also applauded for talking about the women instead of attacking the men. While the judges liked his voice and topic, they thought there could have been improvements.

The show closed with guest judge Bay-C performing with his group TOK. They thrilled the audience with songs like Shell It Down and No Man.


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