Man Reportedly Sets Fire To Rasta Houses In Bobo Hill Over Goat

Firefighters had to carry out cooling down operations in Bobo Hill, Bull Bay, St. Andrew after a man set several buildings on fire Friday morning.

Reports are that at about 7:00 a.m., one man went to the property claiming that his goat was killed by persons from the religious group.

Not pleased with the response, the man allegedly set fire to several buildings on the property including the guardhouse to the main administrative building where members of the group worship.

“He then came into the camp, set our guard house on fire (and) our government buildings which includes office and conference centre doubling up as tabernacle while our tabernacle is being built,” revealed one resident.

The goat was indeed found dead on the premises but residents are not sure how it was killed.

“Goats coming inside here have been a problem for some time now. We always try to keep out all animals, but we are having a problem with the fencing,” said one resident

The Bull Bay police are investigating the incident.

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I woulda beat him and him affi turn around and build back me house

The man did wah do it from long time