Man tries to jump in front of a train to escape his ‘abusive’ baby Mama! [Video]

Abusive Couple Have A Violent Fight On A Train Platform, The Guy Even Tries To Kill Himself To Get Away From His Baby Mama! [Video]

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Dwl a good fi him…

He was just tired of being beating by her. She’s always bullying him. He’s just fed up and couldn’t take it no more. She got some guts there, poor fellow.

Go ahead please do cause Mi Nuh know what u was doing with that inshaped woman in the first place

They look ridiculous just embarrassing, I wish he could haven’t gotten away before it got that far …. people sometimes life lands you and locks you into the craziest relationships I know we don’t know the full story here what lead up to that point , my question though always… Read more »