Marvin Di Beast Involved In Car Accident, Says He Could Have Lost His life

Popular dancer Marvin Di Beast recently met in a car accident and says he could have lost his life had it not been for the grace of God.

The popular dancer shared the story on Sunday (September 10) to his over 247 thousand Instagram followers,

“I was in a bad accident last Friday night I could have lost my life but the grace of God take care of everything God always there for me all the time I actually wake up in the hospital but God a God #marvinthebeast #worldstar” He wrote.

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Marvin after u a overtek and lick the people dem car, u come pon social media a put up wrong pic and mek it look like a dem lick up in a u. U freakind lied

Just of to thank god your alive and well who could it be but god bcz u could die

Look in your life Marvin……go dance for Jesus….repent……Jesus love you


His dick got in the way.