Marvin Di Beast Says Shebada Making Him ‘Uncomfortable’: Wants Nude Video Removed

Popular Jamaican dancer Marvin Di Beast says he is rethinking his decision not to report the nude video of him circulating on social media.

The video began circulating on the weekend, showing Marvin naked in bed, playing with his manhood.

Following a commentary by Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay where he made several comments about Marvin’s manhood the dancer now wants to remove the video because it is now attracting too much attention.

According to the ‘Beast’ Shebada’s commentary made him uncomfortable.

“Me nuh like that because me can’t understand why a next man woulda watch a naked video of a next man, and then a comment on it like that. Shebada a act like me send the video to him. Right now fi him video cause a whole heap more attention. Now yuh have all kinda people a talk bout the video male and female.” Marvin said in an interview with the Star.

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