Mavado Diss Tommy Lee & Aidonia On His New Track

Dancehall giant Mavado has released a diss track titled Timer for Tommy Lee and Aidonia.

Dancehall fans Stream Mavado’s track Timer below and share your thoughts:

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I’m yet to hear where and when the Sparta don n aidonia got dissed …..mi mussa def

Yow a Gaza run d thing but all uno a talk me still have mavado an kartel as d badest because no more boy cya do what dem do Gaza gully side

Everybody Mavado is a lame not anything to a Aidonia #hottool#4thgenna

Kmt that not even hard

All when di man Neva diss dem di social media always ago put in it a fi dem way smh a media mek Nuff ppl nuh live good suh unuh tan deh a falla it kmt