Messi/Ronaldo: The Greatest Sports Rivalry Ever By The Numbers

For sports fans worldwide, nothing is more debated than the question of who is better, Christian Ronaldo or Lionel Messi – the two best footballers of all time. Though the debate has been ongoing for some time, the arguments can be made in favor or against either one of these superstars. According to the full data and statistics found on Betting-Sites, the Messi/Ronaldo rivalry is likely the most difficult to judge competition in sporting history.

Messi may lead in many key categories, but as he played for the better team and is older, it’s likely the numbers will be skewed even closer after his retirement. Furthermore, Ronaldo is the most visible celebrity brand on the planet, with over 92% of humanity knowing who he is. Ronaldo also has better numbers in many head-to-head stats, though not as many as Messi.

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You to with this bullshit?

Messi Messi the greatest more complete baller

Everyone is great in their own right.