Micklaay – One Man Army [Taliban] Video Release

Micklaay is back again with a NEW music video “One Man Army”(Taliban). The riddim was released on 03/12/2012 (March 12th)in Jamaica and contains 12 tracks with artists such as Tony Matterhorn, Singin Sweet, Kibaki, etc and of course “Micklaay”. Micklaay had to position himself
as a artist as well as a producer in the music business . “Micklaay”
recently dropped a video featuring “K-Queens”called “Dem nuh badda than
we”. To finish it off “Micklaay” also did the mixing and mastering for 8
of the 12 tracks that contains the riddim

The video “One Man Army (Taliban)” an extravagant video with a harsh
statement about themmusic industry how “Micklaay” experienced it.
The music is a combination between Hip/Hop & Dancehall.
The content of the video shows how “Micklaay” basically evolves from a
boy to a man (a soldier to a sergeant). The war zone reflects his state
of mind on the music industry and the lyrics establish him as an full
grown artist.
The lyrics are controversial, and the 3d editing takes it to the next
level, Threw war
zones and other hostile environments, you will see “Micklaay” and the
“Murderend Soldiers” fully dressed in army making a statement with their

“Murderend – Let the Murder stop when the Music starts to play”

Sincerely Micklaay (Murderend),


Youtube Link Video:

Bio :https://www.box.com/s/ybh3oxun3eejw9s84ze1

Song https://www.box.com/s/4m0ho7z7j6001bxzhw5b

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