Mother Seen Beating Child With ‘Machete’ In Viral Video Charged

The woman who has been in police custody for beating her 12 year-old daughter with a machete has been charged.

Doreen Dyer, 44, of St. Thomas has been charged with cruelty to a child.

She has been offered bail and is to appear before the St. Thomas parish court on October 11.

Opposition Spokesman on Youth Damion Crawford, said the mother should also be seen as a victim.

Mr. Crawford, who visited the community on Monday, said the mother is a victim of Jamaica’s culture of physical punishment and the lack of both the existence and knowledge of adequate support services for parenting.

He is recommending that the mother be made to participate in mandatory parenting training for no less than one hundred hours, while efforts are made to engineer behaviour modification for the child among other things.

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Great move Mr Crawford..

No man a su d germs dem stay dem naa see d old criminals dem it just bun mi fi dem

Me think the person weh video and post it should be charged too y now after a year

If many si di child behavior Dem would change Dem mouth. Back in di dayz wi neva dare try dat WI would get more dan machete

And the police sergeant way breed de little 13 old girl same place a st thomas