Mr. Brown deserves a National Honour for Bravery, Says Lisa Hanna

Former Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna says Twenty-four-year-old Tremayne Brown ‘deserves a National Honour’ for Bravery following his valiant rescue of a 12-year-old boy who was being swept away in a gully on Collie Smith Drive last Friday.

“The Power of ❤️ can truly move people…Mr. Brown deserves a National Honour for Bravery… #Hero He’s an inspiration for all of us!” Lisa Hanna

Reports are that Twelve-year-old Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary, was on his way home from school when he and friends decided to play in the gully’s rushing waters. He, however, got into difficulties and was swept away by the current.

On seeing this Brown wasted no time as he ran from the Boys’ Town Vocational Training Centre, where he works part time as a labourer, and jumped into the water, clutching the boy.

“There was a time when I thought we both were going to die, but that’s when he started praying, and it gave me the strength, you see,” said Brown in a radio interview with a British accent, having lived in London since he was six years old. “I can’t even remember the prayer. I just remember him praying, and that really gave me the strength,” he said.

“Wi want him get a medal pon Heroes Day. Mek him dress up and the whole a wi put on wi nice, clean clothes and go up a King’s House go look pon him. That’s what wi want, not money,” said a resident of Trench Town who witnessed Brown’s selfless act.

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Thank God for life, miracle and for Tremayne. Hope this will be a shift for the stigma, and discrimination of so called ‘deportee’, status. Most are just minor violation of immigration law. But talented, good, and caring people.

He deserves a break hope he gets it

For a man to jump in a overflowing gully were the wata look as if its a monster,carry all kind of old drunk and debris in it. To save a young future life.#Real Jamaican superman #Plenty of respect to you Mr.brown#

Fi real man he deserves it him a real Hero

Most definitely well done he saved a life