Mr. Lexx Calls For Stringent Security & Better Parenting Following High School Stabbing Death

Dancehall artiste Mr. Lexx is demanding stringent security measures in schools and better parenting following the recent stabbing incident which left one teen dead.

After witnessing the ordeal, the entertainer is urging parents to be more active in the children’s lives and not leave it to teachers alone to instill discipline.

Mr. Lexx who was at the school during the time of the incident said he was left traumatized.

Reports are that at about 11:30 am, on Thursday (October 5) the two grade 10 boys had a physical altercation. During the melee, one student pulled a sharp instrument and stabbed the other student, according to alleged eyewitnesses.

“One student was walking past and bounce off the other student watch; the (owner of the watch) told the other student to pick up the watch and an argument developed,” one alleged eyewitness said.

The watch owner was then reportedly stabbed by the other student. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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