Mutabaruka says Christianity Fuels Child abuse in Jamaica

Proverbs 13:24 “Don’t spear the rod and spoil the child” Mutabaruka expounds on this common recited line from the bible, Saying Most Jamaicans are Christians and do believe in this saying. Mutabaruka declares himself to not be a child beater, he got 2 girls and himself never beat any of them. Muta also went on to say 2 kids were enough for him inciting that having more would have been too much to handle.

Mutabaruka went on to say that the man that was videoing the incident should be sent to prison also. Muta also went on to say that this is the act of many ghetto people.


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Tejeanae Nicholas I agree with you, Atheist, Worlians etc. beat their kids. Muta is indeed an anti- christ. He hates Christianity, he hates the Bible, but yet he takes certain parts from it that suits him. He is a confused know it all, who tries to shove his beliefs on… Read more »

It seems like a muta gal Tejeanae Nicholas piss face bore nose batty boy

A sinner would do the very samething or worst but why would you wanna follow the scripture if you’re not a christian, why would u wanna follow the bible if you’re not a believer???? Why would she beat her child because the bible say that and she is not a… Read more »

Y’all should be grateful for life y’all talking bout christian this and that

Too many inside the box thinkers a roam earth.