Mystic Hopes To Launch Music Career After Recent Collabs With Bruno Mars And Tyga

You may know her solely as a dancer, but Mystic has been flexing her musical muscles for some time now. As she is still a fresh face on the music scene, the performer is looking for more recognition as a musician with the release of Major Lazer’s new album which has a song featuring Mystic, Tyga and Bruno Mars.

“I met Diplo about two years ago as an artiste, not just a dancer. He was interested in my sound and that’s when I recorded my part of the song,” the multitalented performer revealed.

The track, which is titled Bubble Butt, is a racy composition which displays the more provocative side of Mystic. According to the artiste, Diplo sent the finished song to her on her birthday and that was when she found out that Tyga and Bruno Mars would also be featured on the track.

Summer Smash

Rap star 2 Chainz, recently premiered the Bubble Butt remix at Coachella, which has helped to give the song even more exposure. Bubble Butt is poised to be a summer smash and Mystic is hoping to use the song to fully launch her music career.

“There’s no doubt that I’m excited about the song. I really think that this could be my breakthrough song,” Mystic said, adding that she does not have a management team behind her at the moment but she is looking to get one in place so that she can focus on her music.

She went on to add that her dancing background gives her an edge in the studio as she is able to fully evaluate the rhythm before applying her unique flow to the track.

Mystic also revealed that preparations are in place to shoot the music video for Bubble Butt and she is looking forward to that experience as well.

And although she is not yet signed, the performer is optimistic about her musical career as she says if a producer of Diplo’s calibre can acknowledge her talent, then she is on the right path.

“Mystic is a dope talent. We know she is coming from a dance background but she has become so much more,” Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire expressed.

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