Neymar’s Heartwarming Visit To Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome Sufferer

Neymar made a heartwarming visit to Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome sufferer Ana Clara between Brazil’s international games.

After the eight-year-old girl’s video request to meet the world’s most expensive footballer went viral the Brazilian didn’t let her down.

Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, otherwise known as Progeria, is an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes ageing to occur at an early age. Those born with Progeria typically live to their mid-teens to early twenties.

Ana is from Minas Gerais in Brazil and met Neymar on Monday following the forward’s game against Bolivia.

After giving his biggest fan a hug, Ana exclaimed: “I am very happy to meet Neymar.”

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Not everyone can honestly do this


The way how mi love him god

I love this guy with all my heart, hey neymar u got a kid here in Jamaica that I named after u

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