Nicholas Mafabi Russian Born Dancehall/Hip-Hop/Popping Dancer

Nicholas developed a special love for Dancehall music and dances after hearing it at a club that he once worked  in Russia …(BIO) Nicholas was born and grew up in Moscow. For him dancing began not so long ago, in fact just two and a half years ago. Now he is a fully working on becoming a professional dancer and teacher. In his childhood, he loved being on stage, initially as a singer but later made the transition having realized that he has a tendency to dance like a dancer.

Nicholas’s developed a passion for dancing because of the following reasons:
1) Loved the creativity of Michael Jackson
2) Films about dances
3) Familiarity with Jackson Pierre.


(Starting Off/Finding His Rhythm In DancingNicholas met the guys from Pang’s Family, who helped him to further improve his dancing skills. He spoke at the M357Battlezone 2010 and shortly after joined the dancing group called the Team Hawk’s Family. As time went by Mafabi began to learn other new dancing styles such as: Hip-Hop, House, Popping. While Dancing in popular clubs Nicholas met the guys from the band SD Family and was invited to play in a clip, which was directed by Pavel Hudyakov. Nicholas went on to played with the band at various stages: Barhat Night Club, ЖАRА, Playhose, Arena Moscow.


(Growth and Transition) With his ever growing experience and skills he was invited to numerous shooting: Nicholas was filmed in the clip of the artist’s label Black Star Inc., Musick Hayk, the song “Деньги и Слава”(Money and fame). A month later, his good friend at the fitness center, where he worked as administrator, called Mafabi on teaching casting to the opening of the fitness center «Physics», which he successfully passed. And so began his teaching career at the age of 18. After a couple months Nicholas started to work at a popular club in Russia. After hearing Dancehall music in this club he developed a special love for the beat and the vibe/swag it possess, from there and then he decided that this direction was one that he wanted to go into and have since seek to further improve his craft which he love so much. At the moment Nicholas is a member of the “Original Moves Dance Team”, choreographer Pasha Trutnev.

Achievements Includes:

  •  A participant of the battle Touch the beat 2012
  •  Teacher at the Dancehall Seasons in Moscow 2012
  •  Russia Dancehall King 2012
  •  Lecturer of the camp Dancing Village 2012
  •  Lecturer of the camp Danceville 2012

Joint work with the famous dancers of the Dancehall all over the world: A Ni Mal, Rodrigue Dibakoro, Jessica Phoenix, Pasha Trutnev, Andrey Boyko. Biography will be updated as often as possible and will soon have information on master classes dancer!!!


Check Out Nicholas Mafabi Skills in the following videos below


Choreography by Nicholas Mafabi “Vybz Kartel – Ghetto life”


Choreography by Nicholas Mafabi & Jessica Phoenix “Tarrus Riley – Love up mi woman”


Contact  Nicholas Mafabi


Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @NicholasHawk

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