Nicki Minaj Samples ‘Murder She Wrote’ by Chaka Demus and Pliers

American rappers Nicki Minaj and French Montana have sampled Murder She Wrote, originally performed by Chaka Demus and
Pliers. The song is called Freaks, produced by Bad Boy Records and already tongues wagging on where it received thousands of views on its first day of upload.

Murder She Wrote was a major hit record in the 90s and sold over a million copies worldwide, making it a platinum selling record.

The WEEKEND STAR spoke with veteran dancehall/reggae artiste Chaka Demus and he says the Nicki Minaj/French Montana ‘s sample is official.

“They contacted me and Pliers about it for permission, and we gave them the go ahead to do the sample. When it comes to Murder She Wrote, even the rhythm me and Pliers made the necessary contacts for it to happen so it was only natural for them to involve us,” he said.

The iconic deejay says it’s a joy to have been recognised.

“It’s a joy, that they want to do over our song because a lot of people do songs and never get recognition for it so this is really good. When yu have people recognise you as legend and want to use your work, it’s very good because they never had to do it,” he said.

The artiste also took the opportunity to school the current crop of local artistes.

“A long time foreigners a listen to Jamaican artistes and pattern our style. So it is up to our youths to go to the foundation and learn from the veteran artistes,” he believes Jamaica’s talent only needs commercial power to excel.

“The only thing America have over us is the money and the promotion. If we had that financial and commercial strength, we would be a force to reckon with,” the deejay said.

The music video for Freaks also showcases Jamaican dance moves like Bogle’s Willie Bounce and some scenes depict a dancehall setting. Nicki Minaj even mentions dancehall groups Gaza and Gully in her lyrics and attempts to deejay. While French Montana delivered his lyrics using the same flow that Pliers used in Murder She Wrote.

“Mi want di youth dem don’t follow foreign, you can one or two time but not all the time. Try and be creative and they will respect you. But if you follow them, they won’t have any respect for you,” Chaka Demus said

Watch: French Montana ft. Nicki Minaj – Freaks [Music Video]  <– Here



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