MUST WATCH: Ninja Man “BRUTALIZE” Shauna Chin Calls Her “Dancehall Mattress” [Video]

Ninja Man responds to a statement Shauna Chin made that she would never want to wake up beside Ninja Man.

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Wrong name u call gal…take off u and tek a good look it not gully bop if u sleep with gully bop why can’t you sleep with nigga man… No disrespect but gully bop ugly like pussy

Same suh I’ve been in an abusive relationship not just physical but psychological and it nuh nice some a them man yah wah flush…not in toilet bowl but in a lotrine or drop INA crocodile ole naked

Woman strength them have. So them stay when no woman no want them and nobody naah stay with them

I agree with u Toys Gudgud..two wrong don’t make a right… Honestly the way men disrespect women these i wonder if a man have them. I don’t like disrespect neither from man nor women. A soft answer turneth away wrath..but grevious words stir up anger….

him cuss sweet yuh fak