No More Follow Di Arrow – Says Promoter

After 13 years of having one of the most popular stage shows, promoter Dexton Ennis says he has had enough. The annual Follow di Arrow event will no longer be a staple show on the entertainment

calendar. According to Ennis, after years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, he feels unappreciated.

“No more Follow di Arrow will be held. Sometimes you use all artiste weh not even have a song and dem nuh appreciative. It’s not encouraging. I don’t get the support from corporate Jamaica, nor the artistes. This year was the last staging for Follow Di Arrow,” Ennis told THE STAR.

Although he will no longer be putting on the event, Ennis did, however, concede that if someone else wants to keep the event and use the name, he will be willing to meet with them so they can come to an agreement.

Earlier this year, Ennis announced that he did not have a title sponsor for the event and would have to stand some of the costs.

“We never got a title sponsor, so that was an issue, but all the artistes performed well. The turnout was not what we expected because of the intermittent rain. It has been a good run, but this is it for me,” he said.

Ennis expressed his regret for having to cancel the event, especially to the St Mary Infirmary to which he has given yearly donations from the proceeds of the show.

“I’m really sorry, but this is something I have to do. For those who benefit from the event such as the St Mary Infirmary that we donate money to and other community, members, I apologise but it has become too challenging and I am not appreciated,” he said.


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