Nurse Battling For Life After Being Shot Outside Supermarket In St. Anns

A St Ann nurse was shot by a man outside a supermarket in the parish capital of St Ann’s Bay on Friday evening.

The nurse is said to be in critical condition at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital where she was employed.

Reports are that she was shot to the upper body at least three times by her attacker.

Following the shooting, the attacker allegedly walked to the police station and turned himself over to the authorities.

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Aquilla Evabless Wright I agreed with u 100% seeing u directed ur comment to as ur opinion. However I’m assuming u understood my point…..women need to be treated good I believed but the reality is that men has been treated like fuckry too by ladies …….nuff women dah a road… Read more »

She died oh my shit so sad

So sir how come u dont hear no woman a shoot nuh man and walk in to police. Men have been treating women like shit for years, not saying its right either ways but women have been walking away from numerus abuse and shitty treatment forced to raise children on… Read more »

Raxine White….my thoughts exactly. Things dnt just happen like that, not jumping to conclusions but after all he went to the police 😮😮

For real