Oprah Winfrey and Why We Love Her! #OWN #Oprah

Sym-Magazine, insiders quotes about Oprah Winfrey-The Queen of Media. photo by OWN Networks. Oprah Winfrey ‘The One’ born with a purpose to lead by example; she leads as we trail her path. Why?… l There is none other, the one who lives a life fitting for the world to stop and take a page from her OWN book. Sym asked a number of media insiders and admirers to share their personal thoughts about the Queen of Media, ‘The One’, the only Oprah Winfrey.

“The Armstrong interview should quiet some of the naysayers….you can never count Oprah out! She’s always reinventing herself!” Cyndi Todd Media Consultant @cyndi_todd

“What stands out for me…” I like her strength and resilience, how she made it to the top being so highly recognized and respected, especially being black and in a time when being African American made life challenging” Anicia Browning Thomas-Marketing/Public Relations Manager – Govt. of Jamaica Agency.

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