OvaMarz new dance move called ‘Hot Rice’

For more than two years, dancer OvaMarz has been off the scene. However, with the return of a dancing craze, he is back with a new dance move called ‘Hot Rice’.

OvaMarz gained popularity with dance moves like ‘Nuh Linga’, ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Nuh Behavia’. Two years ago, however, he said he took a break from dancehall.

“I have just been taking a break and sorting out the business aspect of it… family and responsibilities. Dancing is a cycle, and I wasn’t getting a whole heap of support where we as dancers are concerned,” he told THE STAR.

“Since dancing is back in the forefront, so my Above A Dem Squad, we out again and putting in the work.”

While the time off from dancing was used to improve his personal life, OvaMarz said it also had its negatives.

“It was good and bad because out of sight and people wondering where I was. It’s been over two years,” he said.

But when he attended Uptown Mondays earlier this week, he said he received a warm welcome and his ‘Hot Rice’ dance move got a positive reception.

“I don’t know who the person that was videoing me and put it up and it tek over the whole Internet. It was a good feeling to see my co-workers and everybody a greet me. And to see the comments on the video, I almost break down in tears,” he said, noting that he also did the Hot Rice song that features Faydra.

With ‘Hot Rice’ now in the public domain, OvaMarz said it is a dance move that he believes the general public will gravitate towards.

“Mi dance, mi nuh move. Everybody can move, but me dance. I keep it dancehall, authentic. I build dance with substance, that’s just me. Me build dance fi it hot, that’s why it name ‘Hot Rice’,” OvaMarz said.

“Hot Rice is not too hard, and it is not too easy … people can catch onto it. My dance dem haffi have that neatness and that groove.”

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