Popcaan Teams Up With St. Thomas MP To Lobby For Better Road Infrastructure In The Parish

Dancehall superstar PopCaan has as joined forces with Member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas, Dr. Fenton Ferguson to lobby for greater improvements in the road infrastructure in the parish.

The two reportedly met in light of a recent peaceful protest by Popcaan in St. Thomas in relation to road conditions throughout the parish.

Both agreed that the southern coastal highway is important to the development of the parish; and that their united effort in lobbying the government would ensure that this project becomes a reality to improve the lives of the people of the parish.

Dr. Fenton Ferguson says he welcomes the concerns of Popcaan and the opportunity to join with a personality that resonates with the youth to lobby for the upliftment of St Thomas.

The two have agreed to tour together in the areas of concern and see how best they can work for the benefit of the parish.

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My baby

Blessings increase up papi same suh don’t lisen some negative people gwaan do your thing

Up big man

Him lobby late! D Last time me check wen Pnp did in a power an dr.Fenton furgeson did a vp him neva want no road but dem vote him out dem a look road!!!????!!??? Really plz…If a me a jlp me wuddnt fix none caz him did ave all d… Read more »