Potential Kidd allegedly selling female cloths

Dancehall artiste Potential Kidd is distancing himself from a Facebook page, which is selling female clothing under his name.

According to the deejay, his only profession is music and persons should stop exploiting his popularity.

“I am not selling clothes online, a people a use mi name and a mek money off it. Mi nuh duh dem thing deh, a straight music a mi work. Mi want people stop duh them thing deh because a nuh the first people try run wit mi name and mi style dem way deh,” he told The STAR.

The Facebook page has over 2,938 like and carries images of women advertising several outfits as well as accessories.

“My original Facebook page run by my people in England which are good friends of mine. The one that is selling the clothes I don’t know about it, I want the fans to know that,” he said.

The deejay, who rose to prominence in 2012 with the single A Ya Suh Nice, is also promoting a new single called Everything Govern, produced by DJ Lanz. He recently returned from England where he performed at three events and now seeks to reclaim his spot in the dancehall.

“Potential Kidd is back, mi just perform alongside Dexta Daps and Bounty Killer wah day. Is pure niceness and Everything Govern on YouTube so the fans them can guh check it out. Mi nah get no strong rotation on radio, but mi a gwaan promote in the streets, because a same suh mi duh with A Yah Suh Nice. When mi create a buzz in the streets them mi guh back to radio the real way,” he said.

During the climax of the A Ya Suh Nice success, the artiste was copied by several dancehall artistes and even received an endorsement from telecommunications giant Lime. After visiting Facebook.com, The STAR discovered that there were over six different pages named Potential Kidd.


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