Ragashanti Gets Baby Boy

Popular radio presenter Ragashanti gets a New Born Son.
Raga recently stated on his websites that he sees the world from a different perspective now.

“My Son…..Zion Strewart……A Life …..My life, The world looks different now….” He posted.

See Some Funny Comments From Fans Below!

Congrats Raga you FINALLY breed something . You a daddy now. The April 11 party can be a big baby shower can and people bring gifts for you and the baby.
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Raga I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and the baby mother, It’s such a beautiful feeling to have a child/children….WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD…..much blessings on you NEW BUNDLE OF JOY
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You know say is just last week me tell AH fren of mine….AH wanda when Raga go have a son??? KakaFawwwwt….and look eere?? TANTAMONT AH blessings to you fada. You have an adorable son!! And I know he’s in good hands….
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Zion is beautiful

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