The project dropped today and went straight to the top of the itunes reggae charts in Switzerland and Germany. Make sure you get your copy here:

The first single “Wake the town” was released a month ago to critical acclaim and is already being hailed as one of the best reggae music videos so far in 2015 – check it out if you haven’t already:

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/xCGfF5fiJOs

“This EP is the commitment of my team and I to raise the levels for this genre that we love, (reggae music) beyond limits, everyday we think of new ways to set new personal standards that we think will enhance the scene and doing it all independently. Despite the struggles we still pushing” says RANDY VALENTINE.

The Jamaican born vocalist showcase his talented, melodic versatile sound and song-writing skills throughout this EP, which is complemented by the world renown producer JOE ARIWA (son of MAD PROFESSOR). The EP starts out with the title track “Still Pushing”, which is an acapella chant of Randy stating the struggles and frustration from the less fortunate as they push on through.

“Tired of the pressure, tired to see you mother singing by the grave side, tired fi hear you only mek you promises and don’t deliver, some a go tief and some a go beat shots but we still a push”. (Verse from title track Still Pushing).

“Mama Said” one of RANDY VALENTINE’s favorite tracks on this EP, showcase the talent of a great producer working with a talented writer and artist. Throughout the EP you can hear the quality of the production JOE ARIWA created as well as the instrumental elements complementing the melodic tone of Randy Valentine. This EP is 8 dub influenced tracks, which is infused with roots rock reggae and rock-steady. JOE ARIWA captures an old school vibe with a modern day twist throughout the EP.

Randy Valentine vocals can be hypnotizing along with his strong yet simple messages of love for your “brother” and “sister”. On his track titled “The Question” Randy ask “Where is the love”? A question he holds dear to his heart and lives by during every encounter in his day to day life. The over all message of “Still Pushing” is love for mankind and looking for the good in everything and not focusing on the bad. A message so simple, so timely yet overlooked by many.

“Still Pushing” shows why Randy Valentine continues to reach a wide demographic. His fan base has grown tremendously bridging the young and old. At such a young age, Randy Valentine is well on his way to becoming a household staple and “Still Pushing” is definitely an EP for lovers of music.

Source: Destinemedia.


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