The Dynamic duo, RDX, has decided to highlight the ‘Side Chicks’ of the world on a day that is usually focused on celebrating the standard relationships. They have deemed it appropriate to release their new single ‘Side Chick’ and corresponding video this Sunday February 14, worldwide.

The single ‘SideChick’, written by RDX and their Apartment 19 team, the Shella Posse, is from the duos upcoming EP 2FloorsUp which will be officially released this summer.

“The song comes directly from experiences we both have had, as at one point or another we had Side Chicks in our lives. Man short, so there are five to six women battling for one man. .” Renigade explained

“Plus most side chicks are not ashamed of their roles anymore, recently Milk came out and revealed she was a side chick for 7 years. Good man hard to find, so if a girl can have piece of a good man than the whole of a no-good man, some will take that.” Delomar added

The ‘Side Chick’ single is deliberately a different flow from the expected RDX high energy material, because the artistes believe that it is necessary to slow it down to send a clear message sometimes, while keeping the material groovy simultaneously.

“Many ‘wifeys’ will look scornfully at a side chick forgetting that at one point they themselves played that role. We showcasing one side chick situation and result in this video” Renigade added

The video was shot in Staten Island, New York and directed by US based video director Deus Beni. The video and single should be fun to listen to and watch as it is displaying a combination of humor mixed with hard truths and facts.

“We want to wish the Side Chicks out there a happy Valentine’s day, which for them is February 15; this Sunday they should spend the day preparing themselves for the 15th. “ Delomar added

The ‘Side Chick’ single is now available for purchase on all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Google music and is distributed by Hapilos Digital Distribution.

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