RDX talks about losing friends in Dancehall industry

Dancehall artistes RDX are using their latest song, ‘Linky’, to speak out about losing friends in the entertainment industry. The song was produced by Cash Flow Records.

“Experience teaches wisdom. So without the experience, the song wouldn’t be real. Too many dancers to mention who we helped out switch and betray we, those were the weakest links. But we not upset about it at all, only inspired,” he stated.

According to the duo, who sees themselves as an example of loyal friends, the single is relateable as everyone has experienced the friendship of a true ‘linky’ or has come in contact with fake friends.

“We enjoy really good friendships with most artistes, but some just straight up don’t deal with us. They even say negative things about us, even though we never have a negative encounter with them. So we have a nice ‘nuh like each other’ contract going,” Renegade said.

The video for Linky was recently shot by directors Cashflow Xtreme.Arts in the Waterhouse community, where the RDX movement began.

special song

RDX sees this track as one of those special songs that can be played at any time of day, the which is not usually the case with other RDX material.

“Your grandma can sing it on a Sunday right after church,” Delomar offered.

Fans can expect to see the official music video for Linky within a few weeks. RDX is also set to premiere visuals for their VSOP single as they prepare for their May 2015 VSOP European tour.


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