Reggae Singer Chuck Fenda Cries Upon Reconnecting With His Mom After 45 Years

Reggae icon Chuck fender has finally gotten the chance to meet his mother after Forty-five years after his birth.

Chuck Fenda, was in New York, USA but was flown to Jamaica at six weeks old by someone unknown to him, and never had any real connection with the woman who gave birth to him. According to the entertainer, it was about one month ago one of his relatives communicated with his mother who lives in California, and encouraged them to speak on WhatsApp.

“Honestly, the conversation with my mother made me cry. Can imagine big Chuck Fenda a cry? While growing, me see how mothers deal with children and never had that experience, so me have to learn ’bout that connection off other people,” Chuck Fenda told The Star

Chuck Fenda says he only remember his mother visiting twice as a kid once when he was two and another when his grandmother passed. Despite that the entertainer admits he “still love her.”

He is yet to meet her in person though and according to Chuck Fenda that won’t be anytime soon as he has shows in Costa Rica for November before heading to Europe for his Concrete Jungle tour in December.

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Wow anyone would get emotional

Mothers love special

Do you ting jah youth

He’s only human.