Reigning World Champion Justin Gatlin Believes Bolt Could Be Back In A Year

Reigning World Champion Justin Gatlin believes he could yet win a bet with recently retired sprint king Usain Bolt after predicting the Jamaican would return to the sport within a year.

“Now he has the free time, but I told him ‘I’m going to give you a year, you gonna go around, you gonna party, have a good time then you are gonna come back and you are going to owe me 100 dollars’,” Gatlin told The Post Game.

“I can see him coming back to sprinting because once you have a passion for something, it’s hard for you to just step away from it and walk away. Regardless, he has won every gold medal that you can win at every event that he has done, three times over. So at the end of the day you kind of lose your drive what can I do next?…what can I do next? But that passion to get up every morning is still there,” Gatlin added.

“So once he takes the time off to get away from the sport to enjoy himself and find out who he is, I think he will come back at some point to track and field.”

The double world record holder called time on a legendary career following the World Championships in August, after nearly a decade of unparalleled dominance.

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Fi real a football him love.


A just the money alone him did love with the fame and hype that comes with it.

Bolt never like track and field so I don’t see him coming back

Look how long him seh so