Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ hands-on review [Video]

Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, is essentially just a big version of the S6 Edge, but its unusual design and top-of-the range specs still make it stand out.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at its Unpacked event in London today, claiming that the device’s 5.7-inch dual-edged display will help it stay “ahead of the curve” in the smartphone market. But how does the new flagship shape up?
The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the latest addition to the Galaxy S6 family, which already includes the 5.1-inch S6 and S6 Edge devices. Apart from being bigger than the S6 Edge, it is almost identical in appearance, with the same dual-edge design and metal and glass chassis.
Despite being larger in size, it is ever so slightly thinner, at 6.9mm rather than 7mm. This means that it still feels relatively light in the hand. However, as with the S6 Edge, the device’s flat glass back means that is not the most comfortable thing to to hold, and picks up fingerprints easily..check out this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ hands-on review


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