Savage responds to Christians who saying that he’s Mocking GOD

Dutty Fridaze recording artiste Savage has been provoking the ire of Christians with a new craze surrounding his hit song, Culu Culu, as selectors have been doing mock baptisms.

“The song has a revivalist feel, the song spiritual and people ah get inna spirit. Starting from Bishop Escobar inna Jamaica, it has spread to Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and Costa Rica, and even Dubai, is a trend that is developing all over social media, it a climb, people inna dance ah get inna spirit,” Savage said.

Savage does not believe that the selectors are mocking God in any way.

“People are just having fun, most people who participate are actually people who attended church when they were growing up and they respect God. This is just another way to acknowledge Him and still have some fun while doing it

Savage shot a medley video for the dance singles, Mole Yu Back and Bruk Back last month and those videos will be released this week. Another video, Happy by video production outfit, Wikd Media, will be released this week as well.

The artiste will be leaving the island at the end of March or a major show in Trinidad on the strength of his hit single, Culu Culu, which soared to #1 on the major dancehall chart in that island.

The single has also hit the FIWI Choice top ten charts which air on TVJ and the Street Mix top ten charts which air on CVM. The dance was also featured on TVJ’s ER last week.

“Right now, ‘Culu Culu’ is one of the #1 dancehall tunes in Trinidad right now, especially like how Carnival done, it is playing on all the major stations that play dancehall in Trinidad like Red 96.7 FM. It is one of the freshest songs on the market…everybody know the song,” Savage said.

The Culu Culu video has racked up over 170,000 views on Youtube in only four months and is arguably the deejay’s biggest hit song, enjoying regular spins at most major dances in the Corporate Area.

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