Scammers on to Tifa and Dexta Daps

With their song ‘Jealous Ova’ gaining traction since its video release recently, dancehall artistes Tifa and Dexta Daps have reportedly become the target of scammers.

The music video was released approximately a week ago and already unscrupulous persons have come out of the woodworks trying to profit from their work. Reports are that persons have set up fake Facebook accounts and have been trying to collect money on behalf of both parties.

According to Craig Harrisingh of Daseca Productions, “People have created fake Facebook pages and email accounts presenting themself as Dexta Daps or as his management. They are taking people’s money for dub plates and deposits for shows…. Dexta Daps does not conduct any business whatsoever via social media. If his business doesn’t go through DASECA Productions it’s not real. This has been going on for about a month.

In the past two weeks or so these people have started to include Tifa in their scamming deals. They are now telling promoters that they can get Dexta Daps and Tifa as a package at a ridiculous price. Daseca Productions is the sole booking agent for Dexta Daps, and Solid Agency handles all of Tifa’s bookings.”

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