Season 3 of “Me and Mi Kru” Moves To TVJ

Benzly Hype of The Innocent Crew is looking to start season three of his local sitcom, Me and Mi Kru, in early April. According to the artiste/producer/actor, the local economic climate caused him to push back the airing of the show. However, for this season, Benzly Hype has collaborated with writers like Richie Drenz and Lisa Alveranga. He says the show will showcase nothing less than authentic Jamaican talent and culture.

“We wanted to go on air earlier, but because the economy is in a bad state and with the IMF deal, so basically sponsors have their hands tied, so I am working with them. I think this whole financial thing is hampering the amount of shows produced in Jamaica, but the show is going to continue,” he said.

He added, “This season, we are going to be telling more about my life and the sound system days, along with characters associated with the ’90s, the show is kinda documenting that period.”

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This season of ‘Me and Mi Kru’ will also feature appearances from recording artiste Tanya Stephens, actor/artiste Spragga Benz and artiste Gappy Ranks. These artistes are also featured on Hype’s latest dancehall rhythm the Iron Dog.

The show will be aired on TVJ on Fridays at 9:30 p.m., following Entertainment Report.

Hype is looking to reach at least two million viewers locally with the new TVJ partnership. Adding to that aim, ‘Me and Mi Kru’ is currently aired in Africa, the United States, Canada and Spain.

“We are definitely going places with the show, and we have more deals on the table. Right now, I am working with my partners in Japan to get it over there in the future,” he said.

Among other plans, Benzly Hype is going to release a Me and Mi Kru album, which will feature veteran members of the Innocent Crew.

“The people are asking for new music from us so we are going to deliver that to them … . We have a sequel to ‘Me and Mi Kru’ like a mini movie, which will feature me and Audrey Reid, called Hype’s Party Weekend, so fans can look out for that as well,” Benzley Hype said.

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