See Why Dancehall Artiste Tifa Is Considering A Name Change

Dancehall artiste Tifa is considering a name change.

Tifa says that she has been thinking to reinvent herself due to the fact that a common search of her name on google or even the hashtag Tifa, always highlights cartoon characters and other persons named Tifa.

Tifa who says she already likes the idea of ‘Tifa Brown’ or ‘Strawberry’ first put the question to her fans on Instagram “What would you love to see my change my name to?”

“Been thinking in an effort to reinvent & the fact that when u search my hashtag or google me u will find Cartoon Characters & other persons named Tifa. If you wanted to call me something else what would you call me? I like Tifa Brown or Strawberry 🙈 #dontjudgme What say you?”

In the meantime, fans have assured the female diva that her brand and name is strong enough, while others are in fact suggesting new names.

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No she’s started out with that name that she is well recognize for bounty did it and they still call him Killa and assassin did it they still call assassin it doesn’t make a difference really but if that’s what she wants we of to accept it

She turn Christian

No no no

I don’t find these name changing necessary see Papa San keep his name stitchie keep his only if u name uncle Deman and Decide to turn Christian u might want to consider that