Shenseea Responds To Troll Who Ask Her To “Admit She & Romeich Is Dating”

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has taken the time out to respond to a troll/fan who accused her of dating her boss Romeich.

It all unfolded when Shenseea took to her Instagram on Sunday and made post essentially saying she works hard for whatever she has achieved yet.

Shenseea:”Make sure not to delete anything off my instagram! Shxt gon’ get real, real soon and when its time to get paid, nuh dirty badmind cya try persuade me supporters say me buy out ntn or me f**k fi dis! Me wuk fi dis! EVERYDAY EVERY NIGHT I STAY WORKING 🖕😛” Shenseea wrote

One fan/troll wasn’t buying her story so she decided to leave a comment asking Shenseea to admit that she is in a relationship with her boss.

Troll:”But why are you hiding it though [Shenseea]? Nothing is wrong with dating your boss. Stop hiding the truth. It’s easier if you don’t. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last.” The fan wrote

Shenseea:“girl today is Sunday its best if you get off my page with your bullshit cuz i do not want to sin today. Mind yuh business” Shenseea responds.

The fan then decided to take it a bit further eve disrespecting Shenseea calling her a “b*tch”

Troll“see how many good comments you got and you only replied to the negative one lol. That’s to show how much you feed into the negativity. Since it’s Sunday why did you make that post when you know that not everyone is gonna agree with you. You are a attention seeker. And since your business just happened to pop up in my news feed it’s also my business. Actually it’s everybody’s business bitch. Now block me like I cared.” The fan wrote

Shenseea“dont need to block u i want u to continue stalking me 😂😂 dnt try come at me cuz u cnt handle me. So low it! 🖕” Shenseea replied before leaving the ‘troll’ to her fans who did come to Shenseea’s defense.

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All a dem fi just keep di fuck outta a dem private business n let their music stay as entertainment is not their private lives entertaining ppl its what they hve to deliver. Whether they r fucking yes or no doesnt change the quality of her music. Dem 2 nuff

Lord jesus jamaica what happen show some love to your sister and stop find fault and make trouble let there be peace and let it begin with us just be happy for her what she do in her private life is not our business just be happy

Nice girl nice guy so

No sah me dun wid da post ya lol but a true cause she can never yet show the father

Dem nuh under age suh wah di problem