Listen to this track from SIZZLA KALONJI – A NEW DAY (NEW SINGLE 2015) STAND FIRM RIDDM “today is a new day” Produced by – RedStateProduction &Unicleus Production

On this iconic track, the prolific and legendary artiste, Sizzla Kalonji, veers in a revolutionary direction with profound lyrics on the mellow and resonant Stand Firm Riddim which set the tone of the essence of a New Day.
From the ingenious minds of Redstate Productions’ music prodigies, comes a tune which speaks to an existence where brothers and sisters of society come together and reinforce the meaning of solidarity. In the verses, Sizzla expresses his knowledge of the abhorrent state that Jamaica’s society is in and the obstacles that life may send our way. However, he appeals to Jamaicans to stay determined and persevere. Moreover, the hook then intertwines and interweaves these galvanizing messages and emphasizes a necessary upliftment of one another.

Sizzla has presented thought provoking issues that we cannot merely dismiss. We must be proactive in a unification as a people because tomorrow is no more and so, today, we must hit the ground running. So, wake up Jamaica, it’s A New Day!

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