Skatta and Foota on Magnum K&Q of Dancehall

By now we are all familiar with the ongoing fued between dance hall producer Skatta Burrell and selector Foota Hype. Trouble began to brew in the downsound camp when there was a drastic split between Foota Hype and his girlfriend Ishawna, who is also an artist in the downsound camp.

The feud began, however, when rumours began circulating that Ishawna had sought comfort in Skatta’s arms, who , at that time was friends with Foota Hype. Skatta is one of the resident judges on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dance hall which showcases a host of uprising Jamaican talent.

The show features a guest judge each week, and this week’s guest judge is none other than Foota Hype. The tension on the show was obviously highly anticipated by the producers of the show as they had to hire a security personnel to stand guard on the stage behind Foota Hype. While giving feedback to a performance Skatta made obvious reference to Foota hype’s presence and the war tension.

Foota Hype responded to a contestant’s performance, which was about peace and love, that “the song is great but it’s because I am here why everybody is in a war mood”, Skatta hissed his teeth when he heard this.

Contestant Sean de Vere gave a ring to Miss Kitty during his performance, Skatta responded by removing the ring from Miss Kitty’s finger and giving it back to Sean saying “tek back da ring ya, take my advice and leave people woman alone”. The tension continues to build on the show.

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