Spice pics being sold online for $545(USD) or $70,000(JMD)

Popular online photo sharing website getty Image has several flicks of our dancehall princess on their website taken from the recently staged BET awards. To Spice and much of our surprise one of the pics can be find selling for $545USD which is an estimated wapping $70,000 JMD.

After seeing the pics being sold online, spice took to instagram to say the following:

spiceofficialSo some one told me my pics are on getty so mi swear say I can go on the site and “get ieh” when mi look mi see “Add to cart” 🤣 $545 mi just screen shot dem cause I swear mi nah buy mi own self 😂😂😂🤣 getty Haffie go sue mi today .

Cardi B Says She Is Spice Biggest Fan & That She Is Inspired By Her Music

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Boy some people bad mind bad… Let me enlighten you all spice is an international celebrity in her own right… Her brand is global thus it comes with fandom and persons treating her like other known stars… You should be happy a Jamaican as reached these heights instead of all… Read more »
What example you teaching your child when you come on social media belittling and labelling a female. Wow…I will forever say this, the world is in turmoil. I hope your children (if you have) won’t model your atrocious behaviour. Now you can come and label me but I wouldn’t care… Read more »

[email protected]### all the people who didn’t like what she was wearing. After all, it’s paying her now. Did someone sold your pic the last time you put your clothes on and showed up? I guess no, tell me who is making moves now. Big up yuself Grace…yu large. #TeamSpice

Dwayne Copeland ..explaine why is she a whore…because I always though that a whore was somebody who dash dem front all round di place…so enlighten me.

Spudd stfu