Spice: “The Lady Who Once Told Me I’ll Never Make It In Life,”- Inspirational Story

Dancehall artiste Spice took to social media on Sunday to share a heart-wrenching story of an experience she had as a child.

Spice who was recently crowned “queen of dancehall,” said she was once told that “she will never get anywhere in life.”

“Today I sit here remembering playing in my community and being a poor child my clothes was ripped I was bare feet on the road and my hair was a mess, a lady called her daughter and said ” Come inside and stop playing with pollofin gal yu no see she nah reach no where in life”. Pollofin is a nick name for my father he died when I was only 9 years old {May his soul RIP}.” Spice wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Any way i saw this same lady daughter a few days ago and she said I’m her inspiration. She said she’s gonna make it out of the ghetto just like me. Funny enough surprisingly she said her mother always say to her “Look pan Gracie look how far she reach if she can do it you can do it too” and I laugh so hard simply because I never forget what that same lady said. Ohhh yes so I guess I made her eat her words. Get up and work hard so you can prove them wrong, [Happy Sunday] I’m just getting started,” she added.

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Well done spice hard work must pay off .

Is not what man say your blessing can’t be. Mine

My girl an everything but she dress one way she need to change her dress code

You go girl the sky is the limit. …

Black ppl always try bring down ppl pickney n fi dem neva turn out good in the future. That’s y we must not use our mouth or ntn at all to talk bad about ppl children