St. Thomas: Bath Residents Speak Out About Woman Charged For Beating Daughter With Machete [Video]

Bath residents speak out about woman that was locked up for beating her daughter with machete

Posted by Pinkwall on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Lizzy Mccray
The dog is still upset lol

the lady is a good person no need for the residents to lie about her sometimes things happen I pray that god will work it out for her only someone in her shoe would understand

That little gal fi get bomboclaat beating,all a talk unnuh knows what the mother a go true…..the little gal too fucking bad,a bet she don’t forgot that beating deh!!!


at first when I saw the video I didn’t take it serious….but I realize that were humans things do we’re not perfect.. she’s the only one there to help her kids no father figure so yea she gets angry at the child not even noticing that she too was naked…..give… Read more »