Sunshine upset about “Wul Dem Again Riddim” Unofficial voicings

Radio DJ/record producer DJ Sunshine is fuming over the actions of several artistes to record on her popular Wul Dem Again rhythm without requesting her permission to do so. According to DJ Sunshine, she feels violated and cheated out of her work.

Though none of the illegitimate singles are being sold on iTunes or other online stores, DJ Sunshine says she will not let the actions of the delinquent artistes go unnoticed.

“I voiced a rhythm and I put 11 songs on the rhythm and now several other artistes are on the rhythm illegally. Some of them are even on the streets promoting the songs which I find so unprofessional and disrespectful to me. How can you do that? They even got hold of the logo for my label and are using it to promote their music and that is damaging to my reputation,” DJ Sunshine said.

Upcoming projects

The DJ is therefore asking all artistes to end the illegal promotion of songs on her rhythm. She even swears never to record the artistes on her upcoming projects.

“This is the kind of thing that is keeping the industry from going forward. They did not even have the decency to contact me. Cease and desist immediately, and I will have you know that I find this to be disrespectful and I will not be producing you in the future as a result of this. I know the rhythm is hot and I placed two young artistes on the rhythm already because I could not full up the project with young artistes,” she said.

When asked if she also had a problem with recording artistes performing on the Wul Dem Again instrumental she replied.

“I don’t have no problem with you performing on the instrumental. But to voice on the rhythm and promote it that is where I have a problem. Some of the artistes should know better and I don’t want my name to be attached to something that I am not a part of. Here are the artistes on my rhythm,” she said listing out Konshens, Alkaline, Demarco, Vybz Kartel, I-Octane, Mr Vegas, Mavado, Bryka, Chillando, Aidonia and Elephant Man.

Iyara, one of the artistes accused of recording on the rhythm without permission, acknowledged that he had ‘hijacked’ Sunshine’s project.

Iyara said, “Sunshine is a woman we respect … Sunshine big up yuhself … mi not promoting the song, is just a bad song and di street a run wid it … I hijacked the riddim because somebody on the rhythm try disrespect the general and mi haffi defend dat so mi use back di same riddim … mi voice and di song a do road, a jus so it go.”

In reference to Sunshine’s decision not to record the violators in the future, Iyara had no comment.

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A significant number of the songs are disses aimed at dancehall enigma Alkaline after he recently disrespected prominent figures in the music industry.

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