Teacha’s Pet to be replaced

With their main star still behind bars, film director and producer Jay Will has thrown in the towel, as he says there will be no ‘Teacha’s Pet’ season two.
According to the executive producer of the… there can only be one protagonist and that would be Vybz Kartel himself.much-talked-about television series “Whenever people are doing TV shows they don’t like to say it before time, they like exclusivity. So it’s hard to tell you what we have coming up. But as it relates to Teacha’s Pet … there can only be one Teacha and that is Vybz Kartel,” he said.

Jay Will disclosed that the production team had hoped to embark on a season two for the Teacha’s Pet series, however, that was not to be.
“Originally we wanted to go to season two, but we didn’t anticipate that Vybz Kartel would be incarcerated so that was unfortunate,” he said.

In the meantime, however, Jay Will disclosed to The STAR that there were plans being put in place to produce a new television show called Puppy Love which is expected to feature the top-eight girls featured in Teacha’s Pet, excluding the winner.

“As a director I have other reality shows in the making, I can’t disclose much about them right now but I am meeting with sponsors. There might be a spin-off show from Teacha’s Pet called Puppy Love but we are not ready to give information about who will be featured on it as yet. It is going to be on a bigger scale than Teacha’s Pet but Puppy Love is not artiste based,” he said. there can only be one protagonist and that would be Vybz Kartel himself.

love after being rejected

“This show is expected to do well in the dias-pora because that is where most of the Teacha’s Pet supporters came from. The girls will be quote and quote looking for love after being rejected by Vybz Kartel,” Jay Will explained.

Jay Will and his team recently released a music video for the Teacha’s Pet theme song, shot in high-definition quality. The video features scenes from the reality show along with appearances by the majority of the cast and Vybz Kartel.

Shortly after Kartel’s arrest in 2011, telecommunications company LIME announced that a decision was made to discontinue the broadcast of the reality series on its mobile TV with immediate effect.

The show, however, continued to air Friday nights on CVM television.

‘As a director I have other reality shows in the making.’

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