TENOR SAW tribute “best of” by CHRONIC SOUND [Mixtape]

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80’s Top Jamaican Artist. Enjoy.
Selected & Mixed by Mad Shak outta Chronic Sound (Spain)

Born in Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica, TENOR SAW was raised as the fourth of six children in the Payne Land, Maverley and Olympic Gardens areas of West Kingston before the family settled in Duhaney Park then as an adult relocated to Miami, joining the Skengdon crew, where he recorded “Dancehall Feeling” and “Bad Boys”. He recorded “No Work On a Sunday” for Donovan Germain, before moving to New York, where he recorded with Freddie McGregor (“Victory Train”). His last recording, “Chill Out Chill Out”, was a duet with General Doggie.

In August 1988 he was killed by a motor vehicle in Houston, Texas, with the official cause of death determined as a case of hit and run accident, although other sources insist that he was murdered.[3][4] He died at 21 years of age. Tenor Saw is regarded as one of the most influential singers of the early digital reggae era of the mid-1980s

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