Tommy Lee – Gets Ready For First-Ever European Tour

On the heels of releasing his latest single titled Captain Sparta, artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has departed the island for his

first-ever European tour. The tour, which will span over a six-week period, will see the artiste making appearances in Holland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and England. The artiste has also secured a children’s show in Sweden which will take place on April 24.

According to his manager, Heavy D, the kids in Sweden have been requesting Tommy Lee Sparta for quite a while.

“The Captain Sparta has really been taking off. Kids are requesting Tommy Lee, especially the 12-19 age group. It’s one of the first times that a Jamaican artiste has been booked to perform at a children’s show. They really love Tommy Lee,” Heavy D said.

Tommy Lee Sparta also told THE STAR that he was looking forward to this tour.

“It feels great, a mi first European tour and mi really a look forward to the kids show in Sweden. A bay badness and niceness when mi reach, and mi have bere musical bomb fi drop when mi forward back same way, but a Europe di ting deh ya now,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.


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