Tommy Lee Says "Popcaan Is No Longer Apart Of The Crew"

The most asked question in the streets since the inception of Vybz Kartel’s newly formed PG13 crew…is Popcaan a member of the crew? Recently Vybz Kartel sent out a press release stating that he’s disbanding the Portmore Empire … was Popcaan apart of the disbanding as well? According to a source close to the Gaza the disbanding of the Portmore Empire is a wake up call for members to let them beware that Vybz Kartel is still capable of taking their careers to the next level even though he’s behind bars. However on Young Lion’s BBC 1Xtra show earlier today he had Tommy Lee as his guess artiste. When Young Lion asked Tommy Lee if Popcaan is also a member of the newly formed crew, Tommy Lee reply was, “him nuh really apart of the crew anymore, fi right now a just me and Gaza Slim yuh seeeeit.” Young Lion also asked. “Is Popcaan still in the Gaza,” Tommy Lee takes a deep breath before saying, “mi nuh waan too seh certain things right now.

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