Tommy Lee Sparta Allegedly BEEFing with other deejay Over Female

Tommy Lee Sparta has once again found himself in controversy over alleged leaked voice-notes and screen shots of conversations between himself, an unknown woman and up-coming dancehall artiste Mace, who was made popular through his fake injured tattooed eyes several months ago.
According to Mace in a video released on-line; The Sparta don was allegedly involved with his girlfriend behind his back and when he found out about it he confronted both parties via text messages and voice-notes, which were later leaked on-line after Mace’s phone was allegedly stolen.

In the voice-notes which have not yet been authenticated; the voice of the “shook” artiste could be heard confirming the he had in fact shared an intimate relationship with the girl referred to as “nae nae”. A very devastated Mace was later heard explaining to Lee that he had no idea she was like that.

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