Tommy Lee Sparta flops in Trinidad ? Artiste’s publicist blames upsurge in crime

Tommy Lee Sparta’s publicist Keona Williams has denied allegations that a Tommy Lee concert that was booked for an undisclosed venue in South Trinidad was a flop, due to hatred for the artiste and his music.

According to Williams, Trinidad has a crime problem which prevented patrons from supporting the event.

News broke earlier in the week on a popular website that Tommy Lee Sparta received no support from the Trinidadians. The site also shared photos of an empty venue with about nine persons present. It also reported that Tommy Lee Sparta did not bother to perform.

Williams says the headlines coming from the websites are lies.

“The headlines are twisted, Tommy Lee Sparta was warmly received in Trinidad. Since his arrival, all his fans flocked him for photos and autographs at the airport, the mall, the park and two radio stations he visited,” she said.

She also suggested that crime may have been a factor leading to the poor turnout.

“Trinidad is presently experiencing a spike in their crime rate and most persons did not feel comfortable going out to the event as a result. In addition, the location was not a good choice, it was South, out of town and a far stretch from the city,” Williams said.

The publicist also believes mischievous persons went out of their way to spread demeaning propaganda about Tommy Lee Sparta, in an effort to hamper the progress of the concert.

“During the promotion, it was rumoured that he would not be able to perform as immigration would not permit him entry,” she said.

The publicist also vows that Tommy Lee Sparta will return to Trinidad in July.

“We hope that this concert will be well promoted and this time his fans will come out as we anticipate the crime rate to drop, and it will be at a centralised location where his fans are able to access,” she said.

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