Tony Matterhorn considers doing new video for Dutty Wine

Eight years after its release, it seems Tony Matterhorn’s Dutty Wine has been given new life with a remix by Diplo and Ape Drums. “It mad, it sick. Dat ago tear off the whole a Europe. The rhythm alone sick,” an excited Tony Matterhorn told THE STAR recently.

He said he heard the remix on Thursday and immediately started to promote the new version of his song.

Matterhorn explained that he did not know about the remix initially.

“Dem (Diplo and Ape Drums) did a try link mi… dem did a tweet mi but because I was travelling I told Supa Hype to give them the go ahead,” he said.

But Matterhorn says he is quite pleased with the remix of his almost decade-old song.

“Definitely, it bad. Dem guys deh always do a transformation with music. Dem gifted when it come to dat. From its promoted, it a guh piggyback the original and it have dat techno thing to it,” Matterhorn told THE STAR.

Although Dutty Wine was released in 2006, Matterhorn says the song is still doing well today.

“Up to last year when you drop Dutty Wine, it still have that mad impact. When you sing Dutty Wine everybody still a flock the stage, the place in pandemonium same way. Dutty Wine still mash up the white clubs. When we will dash it weh and gone to millions of things, dem hold on to it long,” he said, noting that songs like No Games, Bam Bam and Murder She Wrote are still popular in some places.

Along with the promotion he plans to do, Matterhorn says he may even do a new video for the Dutty Wine remix.

But Dutty Wine is not the only thing on his agenda, as he says he will release Don’t Look Good and Listen Mi Style in the near future.

In coming weeks he will be heading to New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida. He says he will return to Jamaica for the major parties in July and August, before going on his European tour.

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