YardHype’s Top 6 Jamaican/Reggae Songs Dedicated To Mothers

On This Sunday, sons and daughters across the world will show love to the women who brought them life on Mother’s Day. As a show of respect to mothers and the struggles they had to bare…many artistes across various genres have dedicated songs to them in an effort to show their appreciation for all they sacrificed. Several Dancehall and Reggae superstars have similarly poured their hearts out to pay homage to the concept of motherhood and the burdens that came along with that responsibility.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a list of ten songs done by current Jamaican artistes that were dedicated to Moms or the evolving concept of motherhood.

6.  Jahvinci – Mama Don’t Worry: Former Portmore Empire singjay, Jahvinci had showcased some of his potential as a hybrid artiste with songs like Money and Christmas Story. However, his prospects first shone in the summer of 2009 with Mama Don’t Cry, a song wholly dedicated towards those who promise better days for their mothers, even during the worst of times. Additionally, the song reflects on the struggles his mother went through to care for him and the emotional toll motherhood can take.

5.  Sojah! (Konshens & Delus) – Mi mada: this was konshens first hit single which was released back in 2007 and have stick with us throughout time as a true and pure mamma song.


4.  Lady Saw – No Less Than a Woman (Infertility): For every mother able to bare the joy of carrying a child in their womb, there are some women who’re unfortunately unable to bare children of their own. One of those women is the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw who stunned her hardcore Dancehall following in 2007 with the release of No Less Than a Woman (Infertility), speaking of her past miscarriages and sadness of not being able to have children.

With three adopted children of her own, Lady Saw used No Less Than a Woman as a way to inspire women who endured similar fates to keep their heads up while suggesting that there are many Jamaican children without parents, looking for mothers to love and take care of them. The song received high praise within local music circles as she spoke up for women in similar circumstances.


3.  Gyptian – Mama Don’t Cry: In 2006, Gyptian became a household name when he released his debut album, I Am Gyptian, featuring smash hits like Serious Times, Beautiful Lady and Mama. The latter single painted an eloquent picture of a man who strives to make it on his own while attempting to make life better for himself and his mother.

The visuals for Mama followed suit, showing how life in the inner city was a major struggle for him and his mother to the point where his mother feared the worst. However, Gyptian’s lyrics of encouragement resonated with many who were in similar situations as his scintillating voice won the hearts and support of fans across the world.


2.  Vybz Kartel – Mama: Easily Dancehall’s most controversial artiste, Vybz Kartel once again showed his trait of unpredictability with Mama; a conscious effort dedicated towards honoring all the achievements and efforts his mother made in order to provide a better life for him and their family.

Kartel also called out those men who fail to take care of their mothers; instead spending their money on random women while leaving the main women in their lives to suffer. A chart-topping single added to his already rich resume’, Kartel referred to his mother and others as queens who should be given their rightful respect as they gave up so much just to make their children


1.  Sizzla – Thank You Mama: It was the first single that Sizzla ever put to visuals and may still be his most impactful single to date. With a simple message relaying all the pain and pressure mothers have to bear when having children, Sizzla reflected on his own days a child with his mother and the belief that he and his mother would one day overcome.

Thank You Mama dominated Reggae charts, won over fans from all corners of the world and made Sizzla a global phenomenon. The single remains a universal anthem for celebrating motherhood and will surely be played a plethora of times this Mother’s Day.

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