Touchless and Spice ‘Work It’ Well In New Collaboration #Raw

Emerging Dancehall artist, Touchless knows how to make the ladies feel nice, and through his new collaboration with internationally-acclaimed diva, Spice, that feeling is sure to reverberate across the music scene going forward.

The duo have joined forces for a brand new effort, Work It, which proves these two artists are far from lazy when it comes to pleasing their listeners. This sexually-charged single leaves plenty for the imagination to take on as they merge their hardcore natures to create a track sure to heat up street sessions, clubs and bedrooms across the board.

Spice tells the Toronto-based entertainer,“Yuh a mash up mi brain, yuh hot sexy body a drive mi insane,” while Touchless asks the sexy diva, “Tell mi baby girl if yuh like it like dis, when mi gone, mi a go miss and mek yuh start reminisce,” as they ride the hypnotizing instrumentals with no bumps along the way.Work It showcases Touchless’ singing potential while allowing Spice to show off her smooth vocals and delivery meshed with the typically raunchy lyrics that have made her one of Dancehall’s leading ladies.

Work It is undoubtedly Touchless’ biggest accomplishment to date as the song has already gotten positive attention in his native Jamaica across several radio outlets. It’s proof the artist is poised for a breakthrough in 2013 as the exposure of this single, plus interviews throughout Jamaican media are evidence he’s ready to elevate his craft to the next level.

The single features on Touchless’ Universal Linkz label, with raw and edited versions of the song now available. It is a must-listen song that’s sure to be heard by different sections of the Dancehall community.

Check out the radio version of Work It via Soundcloud at:

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